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SAIPAN, China | Imperial Pacific Resort


McKenna was invited to manage a US$7.1 billion hotel-casino project teaming up with conglom- erate Imperial Pacific International Holding for their debut collaboration in 2015. Pulling strings to build up a culinary empire, Brian set a precedent in inviting 14 Michelin-starred chefs to operate 5 selected dining concepts among 25 of others. Among these reputable chefs, they include three Michelin Star chefs like Jonnie Boer, Alvin Leung and Christian Le Squer and other high calibres like two Michelin Star chef Ron Blaauw, and re- nowned Chinese chef Jin Qiang.

A popular destination helmed by all sorts of holidaymakers, Brian single-handedly created a hotel-resort’s Michelin-star studded scene that no one did before. As the mastermind behind, Brian believes his philosophy on hospitality will land him and his core company “Brian McKenna” (“BMK Restaurant Consulting”) a higher horizon on the world’s culinary scene.