Vancouver, Canada | 5 Restaurants & 2 Bars


In 2018, Brian was appointed by billionaire, Mo Yeung Chings, to develop and operate five new concept restaurants and two state-of-the-art night bars in Vancouver and together, they will open their doors in winter 2019. This is an immense project, both in scale and grandeur, and will bring together the east and the west like never before – Brian’s forte.

This venture is also set to be McKenna’s first Chinese restaurant with Alvin Leung, a three-Michelin-star chef, who will be the project’s food consultant. A Japanese dining experience, housing 1,000 whiskies from across the globe, and boasting one of the greatest collections in the world will accompany a French diner, British eatery and sweet and savoury bar occupying the Opus Hotel.

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